Senator’s No. 1 Deluxe Malt Blended Whisky

Senator’s No. 1 Deluxe Malt Blended Whisky

A collection inspired by the nobility and highness of the British heritage on the island, along with Scotland, home to the most-cherished whiskeys. The Senator’s No. 1 is made from a rare blend of selected spirits with scotch matured for 3 years.

Alcohol – 40% / VOL; 12x 750 ml, 24 x 200 ml.

Nose – Very soft and rounded with distinctive malt, honeyed cereal biscuits, buttery, light wood notes.

Taste – Smooth, honeyed biscuit, malty toffee taste with light lingering smoky notes & woody notes, and a clean finish with long lasting malt character.

Well balanced on the palate with malty notes, and a gentle lingering of smoky wood casks.

How To Experience It – Best sipped on the rocks, with a dash of soda or water.

Enjoy it with a mixer.

Presented in its Individual Gift Pack.